For generations we have been told cannabis is a gateway drug. This perspective has been debunked by science. As a progressive treatment center, Remedy Recovery believes cannabis can be an exit drug. With no lethal dose, the science is clear: opioid overdose deaths are lowered by 25 percent when cannabis is legal. We are the only full medication program to include cannabis.

Harm Reduction

Remedy Recovery believes that all pathways of recovery should be presented and utilized. The combination of medication — including cannabis — and therapy has proven to be a primary factor in helping many sustain recovery.
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Our Philosophy

Remedy Recovery’s goal is to assist you through the crucial first days of detox, and set you up with a means of maintaining that way of life, while making you as comfortable as possible in that process.
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Our Services

Remedy Recovery believes there are multiple pathways of recovery that can meet your individual needs and outcome goals. Our services reflect our collaborative efforts to help you achieve your goals.
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