Remedy Recovery calls San Francisco home. Our boutique facility is strategically placed in the home of innovation and acceptance. We integrate into the dynamic city of San Francisco. From the culinary opportunities to the traditions of activism, live music, literature, and scenic beauty, San Francisco itself is part of our program.

Unique Substance Abuse Recovery in San Francisco

Remedy House is your turnkey community for all levels of care. Located in the heart of SOMA in San Francisco, Remedy House is an architecturally designed loft. We have a a multi-use space for both clinical care and the Remedy Recovery community. Whether you use it to meet with peers or as shared workspace, you’re never alone as a member of our community.

San Francisco Welcomes Everyone

The city itself is part of our philosophy that sustained recovery is a process, not an event. With endless cultural, athletic, and outdoor options, San Francisco is a hub of vitality and innovation. A global destination for visitors, the city’s scenic spots are lore in the world. With its storied history of groundbreaking and innovation, San Francisco is the ideal spot to create and sustain change.

The 1960s saw the city as epicenter of emerging youth culture; the ’70s welcomed a disenfranchised gay community and established a foothold to stop the discrimination and persecution of the LGBTQ community. In 2004, the first same-sex marriages were performed on the steps of City Hall by then-Mayor Gavin Newsom. Today, San Francisco remains a hub of world-class academics and technology. Capital of the new technology-based economies, San Francisco is leading the way for the next generation of how we will live.

We believe that recovery stuck in the mire of cultural oppression shouldn’t be different. Recovery as a treatment plan and culture needs a renaissance. We believe San Francisco is the ideal setting for individuals to recreate themselves and for the systems of recovery to follow. It is diverse, inclusive, and without shame. Bring your heart to the city by the Bay and start afresh.