Remedy Recovery’s goal is to assist clients through the crucial first days of detox, and then set them up with a means of maintaining that way of life. We are focused on collaborative treatment plans because we consider our clients to be the most important voice in their recovery. Our ethical, educated, and experienced clinical staff provide a solid foundation for setting goals, as well as the support to meet those goals. We’re here to help you recover not dictate how you do it.

The Culture of Remedy Recovery

Remedy Recovery is as open-minded as our home city of San Francisco. We openly welcome all faiths (or no faith), genders, colors, and sexualities. We believe in the inherent worth and value of all humans. Remedy Recovery is a supportive environment. Our norms and expectations are designed for the security of all to create a culture of recovery, not to infantilize or punish. You can expect to feel at home in a safe atmosphere that is conducive to meeting recovery goals.

We believe that community participation helps people. Mental health can often feel like a circular trap of self-obsession. One of the best ways out is to help others and be a part of something. Remedy Recovery requires everyone to choose a cause and participate in it. Our clinical director has decades of experience as an activist, from ACT UP to prison reform. We will help you in finding your cause and we will support you in finding the right level of participation. When we give, we get and we can all do something.

Our boutique facilities are strategically placed in a city of innovation and acceptance. We integrate into the dynamic city of San Francisco. From the culinary opportunities to the tradition of activism, live music, literature, and scenic beauty, San Francisco itself is part of our program. Take in a North Beach walking tour where the Beat poets called home, a show at the legendary Fillmore music venue, or the displays of innovation of Stanford University. The opportunities in San Francisco are endless.

Remedy Recovery’s Map

Human brains, emotions, needs, and mental health are as individual as we are. There is no universal map to wellness. The path to wellness has to be person-specific.

Yet traditional treatment for substance misuse is largely ineffective, with a high percentage of patients not getting to the stated goal of cessation of all drug use. While the debate rages on about efficacy and comparable pathways, it’s not debatable that we can do better.

The standard recovery paradigm is typically a race to become drug-free. We think that may or may not be the best plan for success. Remedy Recovery is something different. We take a collaborative approach to supporting our clients in finding their path and defining their own recovery, guided by decades of experience and research. We work with you to meet your individual goals. For some, that may include cessation of all drug use, and for others that may mean a harm reduction protocol and plan. Our experts are well versed in medication being a valuable tool in assisting our clients meet their goals; that could mean medication to assist detox, for ongoing maintenance, as well as treatment for mental health concerns.

At Remedy Recovery, all counsel regarding medication will come from our licensed and credentialed medical doctors. We believe medication is a medical issue, not a question of moral belief or personal preference. The specific medication and its use is strictly between doctor and client.

Remedy Recovery and Cannabis

While alcohol claims 88,000 lives a year and overdose takes 115 per day, there has never been a recorded death by cannabis ingestion. As with all drugs, use of cannabis is not without risk or potential for abuse or dependence. But we cannot ignore its potential value to reduce or eliminate opiate use, manage chronic pain and inflammation, and prevent more harmful drug use. While it was long believed to be a gateway drug, we believe cannabis has the potential to be an exit drug for some people. A recent study in the peer-reviewed medical journal, JAMA, supports the plan to use cannabis as a weapon in the fight against self-harming drug use.

As with all medications at Remedy Recovery, our policy is that use of cannabis is something agreed between client and doctor. While under our care, clients follow the path set forth by the doctor, supported by the clinical team.

Remedy Recovery and Exercise

While we work with clients to meet them where they are, we do require the development of a movement practice. By that, we mean that we believe exercise is critical to the improvement and stabilization of any mental health issue.

We won’t all run marathons or try to become triathletes, but if we’re going to improve we all need to move and breathe. At Remedy Recovery we do both and we do it together as a team, based on the client’s health and current ability.

Remedy Recovery’s Position on 12-Step Programs

The vast majority of treatment options in the United States are steeped in 12-step (Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous) philosophy and culture. 12-step support may or may not be for you. Remedy Recovery recognizes the cultural contribution, aid, and comfort millions have found in 12-step participation. We do not require 12-step participation. Exposure to, and participation in, 12-step programs is an individual decision. We will never mandate or preach 12-step philosophy or culture to our clients.

Mutual aid and peer support are very likely important parts of maintaining recovery goals. However, 12-step groups are only one of many mutual aid groups, and studies show that they are all equally effective.

Any of our clients interested in exploring 12-step programs as part of their recovery will be supported and helped in doing so, while those who do not have an interest will not be shamed in any way.

Our Philosophy in a Nutshell

Shame and punishment are not tools of recovery at Remedy Recovery. We offer recovery without shame.