Experienced Interventionist and Addiction Treatment Team

Remedy Recovery is led by experienced addiction clinicians and credentialed professionals. Our caring staff wants to help individuals achieve optimal results, using methods rooted in science and unconventional wisdom.

Joe Schrank, Co-Founder & Executive Vice President

Joe Schrank, President and FounderTotally abstinent from all intoxicating substances for over 20 years, Joe Schrank is a clinical social worker, journalist, public speaker, and policy advocate. As a young man at the University of Southern California, Joe medicated his depression with alcohol and avoidance. His road to stable mental health led to a social work program at Iona College, then a master’s degree program at the University of Illinois. From there, Joe worked as a residential therapist at Promises in Malibu, California.

In 2004, Joe returned to New York City, where he opened the city’s first transitional living facility. Frustrated with the lack of media coverage about addiction and mental health, he founded TheFix.com in 2010. Joe is a founding member of the organization Sobriety, Learning and Motivation, which established the first recovery program in a New York City public school. He has facilitated countless interventions, managed innumerable crises, and successfully navigated many court entanglements. He believes addiction is the health crisis of the modern age.

For many years, Joe has been an activist for harm reduction. In this, Joe acknowledges that completely abstaining from drugs isn’t a realistic solution for everyone, and it often is not achievable or even desirable. Joe believes that no one should suffer or die from preventable causes, and we should help mitigate the damage associated with drug abuse and addiction.

Joe has become a leading voice and advocate for the use of cannabis as a possible treatment for drug and alcohol misuse disorders. In his many public and televised appearances, Joe has coined the expression “cannabis is an exit drug,” attracting much positive attention and acclaim.

Joe’s most recent endeavor is founding and leading Remedy Recovery, a San Francisco-based treatment program for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.

Joe is the father of two boys who have never seen him drink.

Ian Lobell, Vice President of Clinical Operations

For over 25 years, Ian has been working tirelessly in the field of social work and community activism. Ian began his activism at Vassar College, fighting for progressive causes. It was at this time that he began to struggle with his own personal addiction.

During his junior year, Ian was faced with the brutal reality of HIV/AIDS when his best friend became infected with the virus. This further propelled Ian into activism and he became a member of ACT UP in New York City. To date, a bullhorn is never far away from him.

Ian would go on to pursue his master’s in social work, with a passion for helping marginalized populations. He is a social worker, psychotherapist, activist, public speaker and community organizer. Never once has he forgotten the privileges afforded to him.

Ian has been a vocal advocate and proponent for harm reduction, as full abstinence isn’t for everyone, and often is not achievable or even desirable.

Ian met Joe Schrank through college friends. As soon as Joe shared his vision, Ian jumped at the possibility to become involved. He found the perfect opportunity where he can use his activism, clinical skills and passion for serving those who have been ignored and left behind.

Ian has traveled to over 35 nations and formally studied seven languages. He sheepishly admits he can speak only one fluently.

Lawrence Lee, Co-Founder & President

Lawrence Lee has over 30 years of experience creating and operating successful healthcare companies. He was educated as a Hospital Administrator at NYU. He has a tremendous record as a successful healthcare entrepreneur having founded and sold over 17 healthcare companies, including companies sold to Medtronic, Inc. and Squibb, Inc. Lawrence is the founder and Managing partner of LeeLee Group, LLC, a Health Care Management Company. Larry believes in the potential of Remedy Recovery to reform inefficient and outdated treatment rehabilitation models.

Harry H. Freeman, Executive Vice President

Harry H. Freeman, Executive Vice PresidentHarry Freeman is a successful entrepreneur who has served in a number of public and private sector roles. Harry is a former paramedic and has a Master’s degree in Health Administration from Penn State.

Harry’s ventures have been in a number of fields, including; emergency services, economic development, real estate development, restoration of a community icon, and even introducing a consumer product (Spear Head Spade) nationally and internationally. In his career, he has helped launch numerous start-up businesses.

Harry became involved with Remedy Recovery since he wanted to return to his medical roots and because he has seen the failure of traditional drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. Harry believes that the Remedy model has the potential to significantly improve the success rate and  become the new standard in addressing the drug & alcohol addiction crisis.

Piero Russo, MD, FCPP, FAAP

Dr. Russo is a physician with extensive clinical, academic and health management experience. As cardiac surgeon, he has contributed to clinical advancements, teaching, research and international medicine. As a health care executive, Dr. Russo has a decade experience in the Health Insurance field where he has promoted outcomes management of chronic diseases using predictive analytics and technology, health economics, value-based care reimbursement, episode of care and bundled payments. Currently, Dr. Russo is Chief Medical Officer of BehaveCare, a technology enhanced health care company that offer care coordination and manages medical cost of patients with substance abuse disorder and mental illness.

On November 11, 2017, while was Vice President of Health Services at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, and Lecturer at Harvard Medical School, Boston, Dr. Russo received the Health Hero Award in recognition of significant contributions to the health and welfare of the community.

Lev Grinman, M.D.

Dr. Lev Grinman is board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in Neurology and Sleep Medicine.  Dr. Grinman is fellowship trained in Sleep Medicine.

Dr. Grinman is on faculty at several academic medical institutions.  He has written and presented on the topic of obstructive sleep apnea.

Amanda Reiman, Ph.D., M.S.W.

Dr. Reiman is an internationally recognized cannabis expert and public health researcher.

Dr. Reiman is a leader in the field of cannabis as a substitute for alcohol and drugs.

Nancee Lee-Allen, MA, CHC, Compliance Officer

Nancee Lee-Allen has a BA in Communications from Brooklyn College and a master’s degree in Psychology from Antioch University.

While attending college, Nancee became the first woman to be hired at Gay Men’s Health Crisis in NYC. Inspired by the dedicated staff and volunteers at GMHC, she decided to give up her dream of journalism to become an AIDS activist and dedicate her life to serving those in need. Since then, Nancee designed the Children of the Night school to meet the needs of sexually victimized teens and implemented the Orange County WarmLine, a free phone and text service for adults and teens who have mental health concerns.

She is certified in healthcare compliance by Compliance Certification Board and most recently has been serving as Compliance Officer for mental health and senior care agencies in Los Angeles.

In her spare time, Nancee trains therapists and social workers to use Harry Potter as a tool when working with children with PTSD.

Cassie, Trained Narcotic Detection Dog

Cassie, our friendly narcotic detection dog, is trained to use her sense of smell to detect illegal drugs that humans cannot find.

Cassie’s sense of smell is 1,000 times more powerful than a human’s!