Smartphone Apps To Help Those Recovering From Addiction

Smartphone Apps To Help Those Recovering From Addiction

After detox and treatment, those struggling to put addiction behind them can feel alone at times. What if there were a way to remain constantly connected to help?

Most people have their phone with them wherever they go. Recovery-based apps for the phone provide a constant source of help for those in aftercare. When you need a little extra support, phone apps for addiction recovery and meditation on the go might be the crucial difference between success and relapse.

Top 10 Phone Apps For Addiction Recovery And Why Anyone Can Benefit

24 Hours a Day
1. 24 Hours a Day – Based off the best-selling book by Richard Walker, this app has 366 inspiring meditations for every day of the year. You can share messages with friends and the reminder function will make sure you never miss a day. Each day has a thought for the day and a meditation for the day.
12 Step Meditation
2. 12 Step Meditation Daily Reflections for AA, NA, Al-Anon – Make meditation a habit during the recovery process. This app has hundreds of guided meditations along with soothing music. It includes prayers along with 12-step recovery audio. You can even create your own meditation playlist. Some of the content is free but a subscription unlocks all of it.


Track Your Happiness
3. Track Your Happiness – This app is actually a research project. Researches want to know what makes life worth living. When you use the app, you’ll discover what factors are associated with greater happiness. Plus, you can contribute to a greater scientific understanding of what happiness is and what makes us happy.
4. Headspace – Learn how to meditate in an easy and convenient way. Headspace offers 10 days of 10-minute guided meditations to eliminate stress and increase positivity. After the ten days you can subscribe to get access to hundreds of sessions of meditation.


Simple Habit
5. Simple Habit – Simple Habit offers some free sessions, but with a subscription you get the full benefit. The sessions range from help with sleep and relaxation, to anxiety, positivity, stress reduction and even slow breathing. Learn about the practice of meditation with Simple Habit.
6. Sobertool – Designed by a certified drug and alcohol counselor from Harvard specifically for recovery from addiction to alcohol, Sobertool is a free app. It has a daily message to keep you motivated as well as reminders to use the app. It will give you relapse prevention tips based on your answers to certain prompts and has a search function to find ways to cope with triggers.


7. Nomo – Sobriety Clock. Nomo is a free app created by someone who went through recovery himself. The purpose is to keep you motivated to hit your goals. There is a sobriety tracker and you can share information with your accountability partners. When you hit a milestone, it gives you reward chips and combats cravings with distractions like games and exercises.
8. JourneyPure – JourneyPure at the River is a 70-bed addiction treatment center in Nashville, Tennessee. They focus on improving the 60% relapse rate in the first 30 days post-treatment. JourneyPure’s three pillars of health are sleep, nutrition and exercise. The app reminds users each day to mark off daily recovery goals they have completed.


9. WEconnect. Select whether you want to manage your own recovery or support someone else’s with WEconnect. You can create reminders to go to a meeting, call your sponsor or meditate. You can check in to activities dealing with recovery and there is a list of clarity routines you can do during the day. There is even an emergency SOS button for extra support if you feel you need it.

10. rTribe. This is an app created by former addicts. A unique feature of rTribe is that you can keep track of which times of the day you feel cravings to use a substance. It gives you recommendations for a recovery plan and features blogs and self-help videos for more information about addiction. It also allows you to share your progress with others and reach out for help when you have those cravings.


Not Just For Addiction Recovery

The great thing about these apps is that they do not have to be just for people in recovery. There are features that can benefit anyone. The benefits of meditation are well established. Meditation apps provide a way for everyone in their busy daily lives to take a few moments and address their stress and mental health.

Daily reminders and checklists are a great way to maintain a healthy work/life balance. Sharing your achievement goals with friends and family is a good way to stay connected to the lives of those who matter most, and to bring them closer to your life.

No App Is Enough By Itself

Apps are a great way to take advantage of technology to help us with our goals. However, apps are supplemental. They cannot take the place of trained professionals.

If addiction recovery is something you are struggling with, there is help for you. Remedy Rehab Aftercare is a program for anyone who is struggling with addiction. After treatment is over and you are back in your daily life, if you need the support of caring experts contact us and we can give you the support you need.