A fresh approach to an age-old problem. Remedy Recovery knows the addiction treatment industry was long overdue for a change in the way we help people face and overcome addiction. Considering the relapse rates of drug and alcohol codependency after drug rehab at other addiction treatment facilities, doing it differently is pivotal to our patients’ success.

Remedy Recover offers:

  • Care coordination
  • Housing in a luxury home with 24 hour supervision
  • Gourmet meals
  • Recovery companions
  • Yoga, Pilates (add other activities)
  • Drug detection services
  • Safe & Sober outings

Services provided by licensed practitioners through a Professional Medical Corporation:

  • Intervention
  • Medical Assisted Detox
  • Group and individual therapy
  • Case Management
  • Treatment Planning
  • Life skills groups
  • Family therapy
  • Cannabis inclusive MAT

We start by merging service offerings founded on evidence-based findings with the freedom in choosing how treatment happens. In addition, should patients feel the need to take a walk outside beyond our property to enjoy the scenic views of the bay, so be it. Drug and alcohol addiction is like doing time in a personal physical, emotional and spiritual prison. Substance abuse recovery services should be experienced through a new found freedom. This is how it happens.

Exemplary Treatment and Recovery Is What You Deserve

From the moment you or a loved feels the time is right to start moving forward with treatment, you’ll come to know what sets Remedy Recovery a part from traditional facilities. Collaborative in nature, our medical and clinical practitioners and holistic therapists work in concert with you to create a substance abuse recovery plan that not only fits your needs but partners with your lifestyle from today, throughout recovery.

For a parent who is dealing with drug use or alcoholism in an adult son or daughter, contemplating how to discuss the subject of addiction can be overwhelming. Remedy Recovery understands the intricacies of intervention and knows how to address it in a hopeful, supportive manner.  Because we believe in evidence-based protocols, our drug detection services can help provide proof needed to execute an intervention.

From medication-assisted detox, cannabis-inclusive MAT, family programs, continuing care that ensures a more seamless reintegration back in to work and home life, each assists in minimizing the risk for relapse. But we respect the human condition and our vulnerabilities. And for those times that teeter on succumbing to addiction triggers, we offer recovery companions to support you through a holiday dinner, a corporate event or entertainment industry party. We go above and beyond to ensure your new life keeps on a healthy progression.