It is often said that substance use disorder is a family disease. At Remedy Recovery, we know that the impact of addiction often extends to family members too. The strain of this disorder can lead to a dysfunctional family unit.

When a loved one enters into recovery, family members are of course overjoyed that the person is getting the help that they need. But we often see that families neglect their need for help too. Families need support to adjust, to process what happened, to deal with any fears of the person returning to drug or alcohol use after a period of treatment, and to learn new coping skills once the person is out of treatment.

Family Addiction Recovery

At Remedy Recovery, we believe that one of the deficiencies in mental health treatment today is the lackluster attention paid to the family unit. We place a high value on families and our skilled and experienced family team can help assist a family recovery, even if the identified patient isn’t participating.

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