Helping a loved one recognize their destructive behaviors and seek treatment is not an easy process. Substance use disorders are often steeped in denial, dishonesty, and secrecy. More often than not, the person does not want to face up to their problem or the harm that they are doing both to themselves and others around them. Sometimes an intervention is the most effective solution to this crisis.

An intervention is a process by which the person is confronted in a respectful and nonthreatening way to help them see the impact of their drug and/or alcohol use and the consequences of it. It can be helpful, especially when the person is resistant to face up to their problem due to a heavy amount of denial.

Led by experienced interventionist Joe Schrank, our team can help facilitate an intervention, manage the crisis, and ensure safe and humane landing into the right treatment environment. At Remedy Recovery, we believe that drug users are people, not criminals, and they need to be treated as such so that they can get the help they need.

We have the ability to travel globally to facilitate getting someone safely and efficiently to the appropriate treatment facility. Treatment is largely about the best fit for the desired outcome. We know that Remedy Recovery may or may not be that right fit for your loved one — but rest assured that we will be able to refer them to the right facility for their individual needs.

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