Medication-Assisted Detox and Drug Tapering

If you’ve never undergone the process of drug or alcohol detox, and for those you have, the experience can seem daunting on the face of it. No matter how long chemical dependency has been a part of your day-to-day, removing what the body, mind and spirit has grown accustomed to receiving, though toxic, will be an arduous journey. Then again, so is active addiction. To facilitate the move towards a life of sobriety, many clients have found that through the addition of medication-assisted detox into their initial phase of treatment, the experience is much more acceptable.

How Is a MAT Plan Assessed?

The types of medications provided to our clientele will vary based upon their current state of physical health, aside from the addiction, other medications currently prescribed, mental health condition, and more. The scope of medication-assisted detox is part of a broader concept known as medication-assisted treatment or MAT. Widely accepted within the healthcare community for years, MAT belongs to the harm reduction model which favors a client-centered approach to medical treatment.

Harm Reduction Model

The Benefits of Medication-Assisted Treatment

Although there are naysayers, medication-assisted detox in San Francisco offers those in treatment a gentler path through detoxification, bringing sobriety that much closer while putting the impulse to relapse at bay. Whether you need to get past prescription drug detox, alcohol detox, or come clean from street drug use, MAT during the first part of rehab helps clients get to the other facets of recovery faster.

For clients who are left with emotional, behavioral or physical repercussions from substance dependencies, medications are used as a drug tapering protocol, replacing a more dangerous drug (addictive drug of choice) with one than is less invasive to internal systems. But MAT also offers more. Specific medication-assisted detox drugs like Suboxone for alcohol addiction, or cannabis to replace opioids, can be prescribed as a treatment method beyond detox and throughout the recovery process.

Remedy Recovery medication-assisted detox allows clients to get through the cleansing phase of treatment through our 24-hour care program. In turn, their families have peace of mind knowing their loved ones are in the capable, compassionate hands of people who want to see them thrive again.

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