Inpatient treatment with twenty-four hour care can be a great option for an individual looking to overcome addiction and chemical dependencies. Sometimes the most effective substance misuse treatment means getting away from work, school, and family commitments, and placing yourself in an environment that is conducive to recovery.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment in San Francisco

A safe environment that takes you away from the stressors that may have contributed to drug or alcohol misuse, is often the best option to begin with. Our licensed medical professionals can assist you with both the physical and psychological aspects of withdrawal, as well as help with any mental health concerns.

Remedy Recovery provides 24-hour clinical support through a medical detox. Our goal is to assist you through detox in the most comfortable way. That includes the safe and effective use of cannabis as well as utilizing the latest medication-assisted treatments to help you achieve your goals. We want to ensure the maximum level of comfort possible. All of our treatment plans are collaborative and patient-led, because we consider our clients to be the most important voice in their recovery.

Inpatient Addiction Recovery in San Francisco

Personalized Substance Abuse Care

Typically, our treatment plans post-detox include individual and group therapy sessions, which assist both the process of recovery and address any mental health concerns.

We find that immersed treatment offers both peer and professional support, which can often be the point of entry into a new life. Ultimately, the goal is to regulate one’s own recovery and move on to a more autonomous setting. But in the meantime, rest assured that our patients are kept comfortable. Located in the beautiful San Fransisco, California, we are in close proximity to the best restaurants of the world, we have a high standard for food and non-institutional comfort.

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